Illawarra Fly Zip Line Tours

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Tour Duration: 2:30 hours

Reasons they will it

  • Illwarra Fly Zipline Tours
  • 2.5 hour experience
  • 5 cloud stations, 3 flights & 2 suspension bridges
  • Multiple tours available throughout the day
  • Full instruction from qualified guides
  • Treetop Walk included

This is the perfect gift for adults and children who love adventure in New South Wales. Entitling the recipient to an awesome day on the Illawarra Fly Zipline as well as giving them entry to the Treetop Walk, they'll be able to enjoy a day of sightseeing and adventure all thanks to you!

The 2.5-hour zipline experience will teach them all of the basics and safety training to ensure a great day in the treetops. Stopping at 5 cloud stations, including 3 flights and 2 suspension bridge crosses, they won't be able to wipe the smile off their face.

Ideal for birthdays, Christmas presents and every other gift in between, this Illawarra Fly Zipline and Treetop Walk experience voucher will help them make some incredible memories.

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Important stuff


  • 2.5-hour experience which includes 1 hour of zip line activity
  • Full instruction from qualified guides
  • Interpretation of the forest, creatures and history of the Illawarra region
  • Entry to the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk


  • 2.5-hour experience including training and simulation
  • 5 cloud stations
  • 3 flights
  • 2 suspension bridges
  • Access to the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk – The award-winning treetop canopy walk featuring two swaying cantilevers and the 45-metre tall Knight’s Tower


  • The Illawarra Fly is located at 182 Knights Hill Road, Knights Hill, NSW and is 1.45hrs from Sydney
  • Open from 9 am to 5 pm except for Christmas Day


  • You will need to have 1.5hrs in your day to be able to participate in the Zipline Tour, this is from the time your tour is scheduled to start to your return to the Visitor Centre, as the course consists of 3 cabled Ziplines and 2 cabled Suspension Bridges tucked amongst our beautiful Rainforest
  • The 1.5hr Zipline tour breaks down into a 20-25min safety briefing & harness fit with the Guides, a 5-10min walk down a medium grade track to get to the start of the Zipline Course, up to 45min clipped in enjoying the treetops from a different perspective and remaining with your group from departure to touchdown, and then finally about 10minute walk back up to the Visitor Centre... Or continue directly on to the self-guided Treetop Walk
  • If you wish to do the Treetop Walk (which is inclusive of your ticket price) you will need to allow at least 2.5hrs in your day to enjoy both activities
  • Please note last entry to the Treetop Walk is 4:15 pm, so if you are participating in a Zipline Tour any time after 2.30pm, you will not have time to do the Treetop walk after your Zipline Tour
  • Therefore, plan to arrive with enough time before your scheduled afternoon Zipline Tour to complete the 1hr self-guided walk prior to Ziplining

What To Bring

  • You are required to wear weather appropriate clothing and fully enclosed, comfortable sporting or walking shoes that will not easily slip off
  • Any shoe that has an “open toe” - as well as sandals, thongs, heels - are not permitted
  • On rainy days come prepared for the tour wearing wet weather jackets (pants recommended too) and on cold days you must come prepared for the tour wearing warm clothing
  • Bear in mind that even over the summer months it may be cool up in the tree canopy. Singlets, skirts will not be suitable attire for the full body harness

Additional Information

  • The Visitor Centre has complimentary secure lockers for anything you wish to leave safe and sound on the ground. Anything that you wear (jewellery, watches, glasses, sunglasses) or decide to bring (mobile phones, wallets, keys, cameras, GoPros, asthma inhalers or other medical requirements) on tour are completely at your own risk. If anything falls out of your pocket or you drop anything whilst using it, unfortunately, it cannot be recovered from the forest floor. If you have medical needs that require you to bring something, please let us know
  • Some compact cameras are permitted (at the discretion of you Guide) and are best attached to your harness with its own wrist strap or kept fitted in a zipped chest or leg pocket due to the harness strap around the waist. Large cameras/video cameras are not permitted as this compromises the safety of your flight

  • The Tour has been designed for persons of good health, that are comfortable of the thought of being at heights, have a reasonable degree of physical ability and a capacity to understand and adhere to basic safety instructions (including understanding English or have a translator on the tour with them)

  • The Tour has not been designed for persons;
  • Who is beyond the first trimester of pregnancy (risk of abdominal trauma)
  • Who suffer from vertigo or extreme fears of heights
  • Who have heart conditions
  • Who is legally blind, missing limbs or have other limiting disabilities
  • Who have ankle, knee, hip injuries that can be exacerbated by performing the landings we require of them (reclined seated position to full weight standing, similar to arriving at the top of a chairlift when snow skiing)
  • Who have spinal (including neck) or any other physical conditions that can be exacerbated by harness pressure, twisting or bending, strong/awkward landings An individual should seek medical advice from their doctor should there be any doubt as to their ability to safely accommodate any stressors associated with the Zipline Tour
  • You will be required to sign a declaration & waiver and you will need to satisfy our terms of trade
  • Prior to your booking, it is important for you to consider any health or medical matters that may impact your ability to participate in the tour. Participants who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the tour
  • Illawarra Fly reserves the right to decline your participation in the tour if we believe you could put yourself or others into a compromised position as a result of any illnesses or ailments
  • Zipline tour participants agree to comply with all requirements of safety, signage and anything other directions as designated by the supplier
  • Any non-compliance with such safety, signage and directions, including reckless or careless conduct by Zipline tour participants, may lead to cancellation of participants included in the Zipline activity
  • If you are at all unsure about your ability or have restricted mobility, medical conditions or any disabilities which you are concerned about to successfully complete a Zipline Tour, please contact us to discuss your requirements prior to your booking & we’d be happy to help
  • If a reschedule is necessary, you have the option to pay a $15.00 Reschedule Fee per booking (See "Reschedule Fee" for more information). Changes of date or time of your booked tour can only be made if there is availability. Refunds will only be offered as per “weather” section. There are no refunds for change of mind for inability to complete the course
  • You must arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. If you are late for your scheduled tour, we cannot hold the tour for you. Failure to arrive during this check-in time will most likely result in missing your tour and result in forfeiting your booking & it cannot be refunded or transferred. You will have the option to pay the $15.00 Reschedule Fee per booking (See "Reschedule Fee" for more information) if you would not like to forfeit your booking. Tip: Please research where we are and your travel time - allow enough time to reach us
  • Our maximum weight restriction for any single adult is 120kg (fully clothed)
  • Our minimum height for children to participate is 105cm (natural) and they must be at least 4yrs old (due to the length of tour time, exposure to weather, toilet needs)
  • When a child is between 105cm-120cm, regardless of age, they will need to Zipline as a Tandem with an adult due to their size. The combined weight of the child and adult must not exceed 120kg together. This decision will always be at the Guides discretion
  • Children that are taller than 125cm & over 25kg will most likely be able to Zipline on their own pulley system. This decision will always be at the Guides discretion. All children under 13yrs need to be accompanied on the tour by an adult
  • Children between 13-18yrs, who can abide by the safety rules, are able to Zipline without adult supervision, however, their waiver MUST be signed by a parent/guardian over the age of 18yrs and the parent/guardian MUST attend the safety briefing and remain onsite for the tour duration. This decision will always be at the Guides discretion
  • Children between 13-18yrs are unable to be guardians for anyone under 13yrs on tour

Terms And Conditions

  • An optional reschedule fee of $15.00 (per booking) can be paid if;
  • You are running late for your tour time on the day of your experience o you have a Change of Mind due to personal circumstances
  • You get stuck in traffic and experience considerable delays as a result o the weather conditions are not suited to your personal preference
  • By paying this $15.00 Reschedule Fee, you are allowed to make amendments to your tour date & time for anything up to 3 months from the date of the original booking. Your new tour date and time is subject to availability
  • All reschedules and reschedule enquiries are to be made by contacting Illawarra Fly directly. All Reschedule Fees and reschedule enquiries are handled directly by Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures and not by any of our 3rd Party Ticket Resellers

  • Illawarra Fly Zipline Tour operates in all weather conditions. Yes, we will go out in the rain & hail

  • Tour operations will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions such as lightning storms, extremely high winds and the government declared catastrophic bushfire weather warning days. Tours will be postponed or cancelled at our discretion only
  • We will offer an alternative departure date/time in consultation with you if the scheduled tour has been affected by these circumstances. If the weather conditions are not suited to your personal preference, you have the option to pay the $15.00 Reschedule Fee to pick another day for your experience (See ‘Reschedule Fee’ for more information)

Voucher Information

  • A gift voucher will be received by email after purchase
  • Give your gift voucher to your Gift Recipient, they will then need to follow the instructions to redeem their experience
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Upon redemption, a confirmation email/ticket will be sent to the gift recipient

Why people loved this gift

8 reviews
Heather Glover 2 years ago

We had a fantastic time Zip lining yesterday, the staff were very friendly and provided a good intro and safety briefing. We just wish the Zipline was longer! However, on the ticket confirmation, it was stated don't go via Jamberoo Mtn Road and to come via Macquarie pass and when we got lost and called staff told us the opposite, so that was a little confusing. Other than that it was a fab day and would definitely recommend it.

Anne Ellis 2 years ago

Staff well trained, friendly and helpful. The venue is very clean. Kitchen staff sent food and drink orders out quickly, presented well and very tasty. Overall I had an awesome day. Have been recommending to friends to give it a go.

Leizlee Dajao 2 years ago

Did both the zipline and treetop walk and it was amazing. The staff were very informative and nice. Although I must admit the ziplines were pretty short, wish they were longer. The views were great up in the canopy, rain or shine this place is worth while!

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