Hobart City Half Day Sightseeing Tours

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Tasmania is known as Australia's "Apple Isle", home to a range of incredible landscapes, unspoilt wilderness areas and wildlife. Its capital city, Hobart was essentially pioneered by convicts from the island's early days as a penal colony, therefore carrying with it a fascinating history that you can discover for yourself on an informative guided tour of this picturesque harbour side city.

From Hobart you can visit some of the oldest buildings and villages in Australia, marvel at its distinctive Georgian architecture, see its beautiful lush countryside and taste the flavours of its world-renowned produce and quality fine wines, explore amazing geological formations, historical landmarks and a wide variety of wildlife tours and animal encounters ? you can even visit a World Heritage Listed National park and get back to nature! It?s all right here in Hobart ? choose from a range of fantastic sightseeing tour gift vouchers here.

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